Soap Swirl Demo

Swirling Soap, it's easy peasy.

This is a method of swirling soap, using two colored swirls in a white background soap. In order to get color all the way thru the soap, we use layers. We start the layering with colored soap, so you have color on the bottom. And, we end the layers with colored soap, so that you have color on the top of your soap as well as all the way through.

If you're planning on trying this method, please do not follow these instructions "step-by-step". We suggest that you read the instruction completely through first, before you begin.

You may notice we're not wearing gloves, in the pictures on this page. This is a big time NO-NO!!! We do not recommend that you make soap without gloves. We were bad, and we won't do it again. So please, for safety's sake, wear all your safety equipment and don't be a soap dummy.

We would like to thank Ms. Nikie Brown of "After the Rayne" for giving us permission to use the pictures she photographed which are used on this page. Also, we would like to thank Ms. Janet Banfield of "Creative Scentsations" for hosting the gathering where these pictures were taken. And, we'd like to than Ms. JoAnn Lowitzer for her short film of the demo from the same gathering.

The Recipe:

16 oz. Coconut Oil
16 oz. Lard
32 oz. Olive Oil

24 oz. Water
9.2 oz. NaOH

We blended our soap together using a stick blender until it achieved trace. You can use whatever method suits your soap making style. You can also use any recipe you want.

At trace, blend in the fragrance. Make sure it is not a fragrance that promotes trace or causes seizing.

Yum!! We used Bulgarian Lavender EO.

After blending in fragrance, separate out 2 containers of soap (for coloring) from the soap in your bowl or pot. We separated about 1.5 cups for each color.

Next color the soap in the small containers. Mix well !!!

We used Peacock Dyes and only used a few drops in each cup. Imperial Purple in one cup and a Powerful Pink in the other.

After the coloring is mixed well with the soap in the small containers, start the layering procedure. Pour small amounts of the colored soaps directly on the bottom of the lined mold, making squiggly lines.

This is NOT the time to be a perfectionist!

After pouring in a small amount of both colored soaps, add a layer of uncolored base soap on top.

Then on top of the uncolored base soap, add more of each colored soap and make several layers. Don't worry if the soap you add on top does not completely cover the previous layer. Keep going, there is no particular pattern for adding the colored soaps. Just have a bit of fun with it.

Continue making layers of soap, and finish the layering of the soap with colored soap on top.

Don't worry if you have a little more colored soap in top layer than you have in the bottom layer. You're going to be stirring this soap around a bit, so it's not going to make a huge difference.

Next, it's time to stir. You can use a plastic or stainless steel instrument .

We chose a fork to stir the soap. You can use whatever tool you like.

Drag lines thru the soap like in the diagrams below.

While dragging the lines, be sure your tool makes contact with the bottom of the mold, so that the soap is being stirred thoroughly.

Drag a line in the soap like this

and then like this

so that the pattern looks like this

When you are through dragging the lines thru the soap, it should look like the soap on the right.

Now, cover the soap or insulate it or do whatever you would normally do.

Wait at least 24 hours and then cut into bars.

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